Radiation poisoning!!!!
25 rems:

  • Causes some slight changes in blood(nothing fatal)

Caused by doses of rems above 100 some common first signs of radiation sickness are:
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Some loss of white blood cells

450 rems:
  • Half of these victims die
  • On top of the above symptoms they also undergo fevers and diarrhea

800 rems:
  • Usually instant fatality

*When the Doses of rems reach 300 or more temporary hair loss is caused, but the internal harm is much more significant than the external.*
Some of these internal effects include:
  • Nerve cell damage and digestive tract issues
  • A massive loss of white blood cells(making victim’s more subject to disease)
  • Further Problems that Radiation Can Cause on the Body:
  • Loss of blood platelets(leading to blood clots or worse hemorrhaging)
  • Little to no treatment therefore radiation sickness can be fatal within 14 days
  • Cancers can form from too much radiation exposure

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